The CLI tool is installed as global npm package
npm i 0xweb -g
0xweb --help
Right away you can start using available commands. Like getting the
Gas Price for a chain.
> 0xweb gas -c polygon
Chain polygon
Price 60 gwei
⚠️ We ship our public API keys and Node Endpoints for Ethereum, Polygon, Gnosis Chain, etc. So we would like you to ask to create your keys and replace them in the configuration.


0xweb config --edit
This creates the configuration file (%APPDATA%/.dequanto/config.yml) with the default values, and you are free to add/replace the values. After you saved the file, you can check the configuration with
0xweb config --view

Additional Common Flags

--color none
Doesn't print colored output
Doesn't print information logs
--endpoint http://some:port
Overrides the RPC Url loaded from config
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