Commands Overview

Here is the list of available commands. To get the detailed description and arguments of a command or a sub-command run

0xweb COMMAND --help, 0xweb COMMAND SUBCOMMAND --help

e.g. 0xweb install --help

i, install

Download contracts ABI and generates the TS class for it.


Clone dequanto sources and configure aliases in tsconfig.

c, contract

Contract actions

  • abi - List of the available READ and WRITE methods for the contract

  • read - READ contract. Parameters are resolved by CLI flags or will be prompted.

  • write - Send a Transaction. Parameters are resolved by cli flags or will be prompted.

  • logs - Load contract events

  • dump - Dump the storage of the contract

  • slot - Read the contract's single slot value

  • var - Read the contract's variable value

  • vars - Get the list of state variables and their values


Manage accounts.

  • add - Add existing account

  • remove - Remove account

  • list - List account names

  • new - Create new account


Account tools.

  • balance - Get account balance for ETH or any ERC20 token


Multi-sig account tools.

  • add - Add existing safe

  • list - List safe account names

  • new - Deploy new safe


ERC20 Token tools.

  • price - Get a token price


Manage known tokens.

  • add - Add a new token to the known list.

  • find - Get a token by Symbol or Address, and print the info

  • for - Get ERC20 tokens and the balances for a specific EOA


Transfer ETH or ERC20


Transaction utils.

  • view - Load transaction by hash

  • sign - Sign the transaction in a JSON file

  • send - Send the transaction from a JSON


Block utils

  • get - Get block info


Print the current GAS price for a chain


View and edit dequanto web3 configuration


Reset various things.

  • accounts - Remove all accounts

  • config - Reset all config modifications


Prints help overview.

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