1. CLI Toolkit for EVM compatibale blockchains

By using dequanto library we export the most common WEB3 commands to be accessible straight from your command line interface.

2. Interacting with EVM Smart Contracts in Node.js done in seconds.

0xWeb is built on top of dequanto library β€” the blockchain communication layer, which is integrated under the hood.

We believe in the openness and transparency of the web. And we want to provide anybody with a quick and easy way to integrate blockchain solutions.

An example of what you will get

Lets get an ETH price from the onchain oracle by chainlink.

0xweb install 0x5f4ec3df9cbd43714fe2740f5e3616155c5b8419 --name chainlink/oracle-eth --chain eth
const oracle = new ChainlinkOracleEth();
const price: bigint = await oracle.latestAnswer();

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