Tx Builder

You won't need to use this class directly. In 0xWeb generated classes TxDataBuilder and TxWriter are used under the hood to send transactions.
Prepares the Tx Data🔗 to be submitted to the chain.
import { TxDataBuilder } from '@dequanto/txs/TxDataBulder'
let builder = new TxDataBuilder(client, account?)
let txData = builder
// demo with types
.setInputDataWithTypes(types: any[], paramaters: any[])
.setInputDataWithABI(fnAbi: string | AbiItem, ...params)
.setValue(wei: bigint)
.setNonce(nonceConfig?: TNonceConfig)
.setGas(gasConfig?: TGasConfig)
.signToString(privateKey: string);
type TNonceConfig {
// sets the nonce of the first tx in pending state
overriding?: boolean
// set the nonce of the N-th tx in pending state
noncePending?: number
// custom nonce value
nonce?: number
type TGasConfig {
price?: bigint
priceRatio?: number
gasLimitRatio?: number
gasLimit?: string | number
gasEstimation?: boolean
from?: TAddress
type?: 1 | 2