Zero Trust Wallet

2FA or N-Factor-Authorization for the wallet
Any transaction can be emitted by providing the MultiSig Address and a member (executor) account. In this case, all the assets can be stored in the multi-signature wallet.
This is the most secure way to protect assets, even in compromised environments, as the attacker won't have access to other accounts from the multi-sig.
To make it even more secure, you can rotate the executor account periodically.
✨ Easy-to-use — You have to do nothing special to emit multi-sig transactions, provide the Safe Interface for the Sender
interface ISafeAccount {
safeAddress: TAddress
operator: ChainAccount
If SafeAccount is detected, we automatically wrap the execution into Safes Transaction Proposal, and wait until the required amount of confirmations has been received, afterwards the tx is submitted to the mempool.

Supported MultiSig Wallets

For the first integration, we have chosen the Gnosis Safe, as it is really a great multi-signature platform. It has mobile and web applications, to easily review and confirm transactions.