Dequanto library simplifies blockchain development. It is built on top of ethersproject and web3.js, but includes additional features, like Nodes Pool, Tx Builder, Tx Writer, Indexer, and others.

0xWeb and Dequanto

To understand the relationship - 0xWeb uses dequanto as its dependency, and not vice-versa. Dequanto is a standalone library you can use in any blockchain-related project.


πŸ“ƒ Distributed as Source Code

Though we have published the npm package - dequanto. But we advise using dequanto as a git submodule.

git submodule add https://github.com/0xweb-org/dequanto

You should use raw TypeScript source code files. You can browse, view, and modify any classes on your need.

Configuring Imports

‼️ Add @dequanto alias to your tsconfig.json

  "compilerOptions": {
    "baseUrl": "./",
    "paths": {
      "@dequanto/*": ["dequanto/src/*"]

If you have installed via npm, the path would be "node_modules/dequanto/src/*


There is a bunch of things in configuration to be loaded at application start - like Node URLs, API Keys. The most simple is to use 0xweb to create a default config file, which you can edit

0xweb config -e

Load that configuration on startup

import { Config } from '@dequanto/Config'

await Config.fetch();

It is safe to call the method multiple time, but enough only once.

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